Front Line Assembly cancel U.S. tour

Front Line Assembly have canceled their planned U.S. tour, which was to have started on October 31. “We have had too many problems putting the tour together, and the bottom line is if we can’t put on a good show for you the fans, then it’s just not worth it. We apologise to all of … Read more Front Line Assembly cancel U.S. tour

The Cyber-Tec Project

The following is an interview with Jean-Luc De Meyer, vocalist for Front 242, The Cyber-Tec Project, and now, Cobalt 60. Originally, it was meant to be an in-person interview to have taken place before The Cyber-Tec Project’s New York show in February, 1996. Unfortunately, technical problems at sound check prevented Jean-Luc from doing the interview. … Read more The Cyber-Tec Project