James Mastro talks about his solo debut, “Dawn of a New Error”

Having spent over four decades in his own bands and as a touring musician, James Mastro has released his debut solo album, Dawn of a New Error. The Hoboken-based rock/Americana singer-songwriter-guitarist has always been writing songs of his own, and several factors led him to collaborate with friend and producer Tony Shanahan in recording them … Read more

Electropop Singer/Songwriter Ava King discusses her debut solo album, SEX MONEY GOD

On her newly released debut solo album, SEX MONEY GOD, Los Angeles-based artist/producer Ava King builds upon her extensive pop experience to craft her own unique sound. The nine electropop tracks are ultra catchy and meticulously constructed, but also have an experimental edge and move in unexpected directions. King’s dark, emotionally charged vocals maintain space … Read more

Comateens talk about their early years and re-issue of debut single

Formed in 1978, Comateens were one of NYC’s earliest synth-punk bands. Two of their early songs, “Danger Zone” and “Elizabeth’s Lover,” have recently been reissued by the label Left for Dead. Bassist/vocalist Nicholas West and guitarist Ramona Jan founded Comateens, with Lyn Byrd soon after joining on vocals and synthesizer. Ramona left the group in … Read more

Neon Funeral interviewed about “Banned From The Goth Club”

Banned From The Goth Club, the latest release from New Jersey-based Neon Funeral, is a tight collection of songs that brings together numerous post-punk influences. The music has a dark, melodic sound that weaves together guitar, synths and electronic drums. Vocals are aggressive and at times bring to mind hardcore and industrial styles. The four-song … Read more

Benjamin Jayne expands his sound with “Broken”

Broken is the third album from Benjamin Jayne, the musical project of Brattleboro, Vermont-based psychiatrist Benjamin Wright. It presents an evolution in his dark, melancholic sound, with Wright striving for a wider vocal range and working more with electronic elements.  Thematically, Broken takes a reflective turn, exploring the complexities of identity and the passage of … Read more

Interview with Shanghai-based synth-driven new wave band GUJI

The self-titled debut EP from GUJI showcases a catchy, somewhat lo-fi synth-driven sound that merges new wave influences with a Chinese perspective. The group consists of Chinese nationals: Klaire (synths), Alex (bass), Stacy (drum machine), and American Chachy (guitarist and singer for Shanghai punk band Round Eye.) It was born out of Shanghai’s extreme COVID-19 … Read more

Ian Astbury talks about the return of Death Cult

The Cult’s Ian Astbury and Billy Duffy are commemorating 40 years of their collaboration by revisiting their band’s initial incarnation, Death Cult. In a sole US performance on October 23, followed by a UK tour, Death Cult will draw from their EPs, material from Astbury’s prior band, Southern Death Cult, as well as music from … Read more

Fredrik Saroea of Datarock talks about “Media Consumption Pyramid”

With their latest album, Media Consumption Pyramid, Norwegian band Datarock explores the theme of media consumption in the digital age while recapturing the mindset of their earlier work. It wasn’t something they set out to do but another example of Covid-19 disrupting plans. The group had been rehearsing to tour in celebration of their 15th … Read more

Cinema Cinema interviewed about collaborating with Thor Harris for “Mjölnir”

For their seventh album, Mjölnir, experimental rock band Cinema Cinema continued to embrace improvisation, but this time with a new collaborator.  Brooklyn-born cousins Ev Gold (vocals/guitar) and Paul Claro (drums) teamed up with Thor Harris (Thor & Friends, Shearwater, Swans, Xiu Xiu, etc.) for a spontaneous recording session that was then edited down and shaped … Read more