Tombstones In Their Eyes interviewed about “Sea Of Sorrow”

Having last year put out an EP, A Higher Place, Tombstones In Their Eyes are now back with a new full-length album, Sea Of Sorrow. The group’s unique, hypnotic style is rooted in psychedelic rock with fuzzed-out guitars and heavy reverb. Strong, melodic songwriting is of equal importance, and Sea Of Sorrow shows them taking … Read more

Joe Cannon of Resurrectionists interviewed about “Now That We Are All Ghosts”

With a revamped lineup and broader sonic palette, Milwaukee’s Resurrectionists are back with their second album, “Now That We Are All Ghosts.” Originally founded by Joe Cannon (singer/lyricist, guitar and piano), Jeff Brueggeman (bass), Josh Barto (drums) and Gavin Hardy (pedal steel), Resurrectionists released their debut album, “What Comes In,” in 2019. Hardy moved, and … Read more

Mike Watt talks about his latest collaborative project, Spirit Of Hamlet

Spirit Of Hamlet is a new collaboration between Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE, The Stooges), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple), Scotty Irving (Clang Quartet) and Grammy nominee, musician and producer Benjy Johnson. It was sparked by Irving appearing on Watt’s “The Watt From Pedro Show” and the idea of starting off songwriting with the drum tracks. … Read more

Jane Jensen and Valentine Miele discuss the making of the “Revolution Maker” video

For “Revolution Maker,” the second video from her current “Changeling” EP, Jane Jensen has collaborated with her “Tromeo and Juliet” castmate Valentine Miele. It marks the music video directing debut for Miele, who pivoted to experimental video work and directed the 2020 short “Her Release.” With a narrative based around human trafficking, the black-and-white video … Read more

Good Bison interviewed about “Ghost on Mulholland”

In following up his 2021 Scattered Storms EP, Good Bison’s Pablo Alvarez returned to Miami for intensive collaborative sessions with longtime friend Abe Mendez. Refined through long-distance work and further Miami visits, the results comprise the newly released Good Bison EP Ghost on Mulholland EP. Good Bison continue to mesh a variety of styles into … Read more

Gothic-folk duo Charming Disaster interviewed about “Super Natural History”

On their last album, Our Lady of Radium, gothic-folk duo Charming Disaster focused their songwriting around the subject of scientist Marie Curie and adopted pandemic-induced DIY recording methods. They didn’t have those confines in making their new  ‘Super Natural History’ album, but it does build upon that prior release. Super Natural History sees Charming Disaster … Read more

John Leon of The Royal Arctic Insitute talks about “From Coma To Catharsis”

Last year, the instrumental band The Royal Arctic Institute returned with a revamped lineup and a new EP, “From Catnap To Coma.” They’ve now followed that up with another EP, “From Coma To Catharsis.” All the members of The Royal Arctic Institute have extensive musical backgrounds with their own projects and backing/session work. The group … Read more

Interview with Richie V. Suriv of MissFit Toys

Florida-based industrial/aggrotech group MissFit Toys have returned with a new album, “The Nine” (Distortion Productions). Formed in 2007, the project was initially the solo project of Richie V. Suriv before being fleshed out into a band. “The Nine” is full of dark electronic tracks with distorted vocals, bringing to mind classic industrial/electronic music but taking … Read more