Front 242 – interview with Patrick Codenys

A 1998 interview with Patrick Codenys

I’m familiar with Jean Luc’s various projects, but what have the other members of Front 242 been up to during the hiatus?

Richard 23 has a new project called “Tchak!” (release end 1998) and Daniel and I are working on a new project caled “Grisha” including heavy beats with a female singer (release 1999)

Will any new material be performed on the upcoming tour?

Yes and no… No since we took catalogue songs and tracks to re-build the new show and yes since we’ve spent 2 months in the studio on re-working the versions in a more modern form. The tracks are very different on Stage and call for a more industrial Beat feeling. We were so satisfied with the results and the European fans reactions that we decided to release a new record called “RE:BOOT” on Metropolis Rec. These versions are more updated and innovative than the “Live Code” album from 1993.

You’ve influenced many bands – are there any particular groups that you feel are creatively building on what you’ve done?

I believe that a big part of the techno-electro-industrial world has been inspired by a band like F242. The Prodigy thanks Front on their cover (first album) and Nine In Nails spoke of us in his interviews…I believe these people are the examples of innovators within the same genre.

How did the remix album come about?

Those mixes were available since 1992-1993 when we asked The Orb , Underworld and Prodigy to mix F242.At the time the Orb was getting some credits but the Prodigy and Underworld were not what they are today.It is very interesting to hear the feeling of those bands towards F242 as modern extensions of our music. Their versions are direct and powerful since they did wanted to confirm their style.

Why did you decide to tour at this point in time?

Some bands start with studio sessions or pre-production in order to achieve a new album… We would rather check our “live” potential before we start a new album. We “inject” and “experiment” new forms, structures and sounds in our “live” musical set and see how they function. The reaction of our audience is direct and emotive… it gives you the right vibes and hints about what people like or how far they will accept some research elements. For us it is a musical expedition in search of new sensations on an authentic level… close to the people.

Are there any plans for an all-new Front 242 album?

After the good feelings around RE:BOOT, we will seriously consider working together in 1999.

Is Front 242 directly involved with their web site? If so, how has it been working out? What advantages are there for a band to have one?

We try to support them as much as we can by answering questions, asking our designer for RE:BOOT to work on it and update the information. The advantage is important since again it brings you close to the people. Also, I believe that it might become a potential system of selling recordings without having to include the whole Label and retail shops.

After this tour, what’s in the future for Front 242?

The Future of F242 is linked with the musical evolution, I still believe that electronic music in general is at the beginning of what will be a new era… there are still so many sounds, tracks and styles to be explored and mastered that I feel very open and confident about our future. We have a lot of new material as “demo” in the studio, I don’t know what we will do with it (Grisha ?) but I’m very enthusiastic about the quality of the way we work. New gear, flexible systems and a positive attitude from every band member indicates that we are on the right path. Also, this Tour and some time will allow us to build a new aesthetic concept and come back with something strong.

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