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Having moved from Ukraine to London in order pursue music as Bloom Twins, twin sisters Anna and Sonia Kuprienko introduced themselves to audiences last June with the haunting, dark pop song “Fahrenheit.” It left fans clamoring for more, as it was the only Bloom Twins release until the situation in Ukraine inspired them to put out a cover of Bob Marley’s “Get Up Stand Up” earlier this year. The group has some videos for other songs online now, and is gearing up to release more singles and an EP. In an email interview, the twins talked about the beginnings of their musical endeavor, creative process, and more.

Have you both always been musical? At what point did you decide to start creating and performing music as Bloom Twins?

My sister and I have always been musical, but we have never thought we will pursue it as our careers. We were lucky to meet the right people that changed our minds. We moved to London and that’s when Bloom Twins were born. And now we cannot imagine our lives without music and without creating, performing on stage. That is what we are and always were.

Do you feel that you had a clear idea when you started as to what you wanted Bloom Twins to sound like?

No. We certainly didn’t. Our relationship with music is like for some relationship with a partner. You can’t predict what will come out of it. Every time we write we think “this is it” – then you look back going “what were we thinking?”… Really like relationships. So it’s a journey, just a musical one and we use the means we have. Our partners are our vocals, keyboards, flute and harmonica blended with English weather and stories that surround us.

“Fahrenheit” has been out quite a while and was the only release available until the recent “Get up Stand up #WeAreUkraine.” Was this part of a strategy, to let “Fahrenheit” be out there gaining traction for a while before releasing more music? Or was it simply that “Fahrenheit” was done and you were still working a full release?

“Fahrenheit” was our first baby. We never expected it to draw this much attention. We just wanted something out there that will define who we are and our style – we call it “dark pop”, sweet and sour. So there wasn’t a strategy move, we just had this beautiful song, with the help of friends – shot a very simple video, put it out – and were caught by surprise how well it was received.

Since “Fahrenheit” was the only thing out there for a while, and gained a lot of positive attention, do you worry about it being the song that you’re most identified with? That perhaps further down the line you’ll never be able to do a concert without people asking for it?

We are not worried about it. We will be really happy. It’s a blessing, if your song lives for decades and generations. It must feel amazing for artists like Robert Plant to play to this day some songs from the times of Led Zep, but see a completely new generation of kids, like us being moved by it, together with those that are his age.

In years to come, even if we will change, but this will always be our first song out there, our first baby step into the world of music.

Could you discuss the motivations behind “Get up Stand up #WeAreUkraine”? To what degree did you want to release a song meant for the people of Ukraine vs to raise awareness of the situation there among your international fanbase? Was “Get up Stand” always the obvious song to record for this purpose? Did you consider any others that perhaps ended up not fitting with your sound?

It’s not just the awareness we wanted to raise. We live in a very “NOW” society. We need immediate answers, we constantly crave something new and Now. No matter what the news is – it’s only relevant when it is seen on a timeline. Nothing stays on the news for longer than a week. What is all over the front pages today – is forgotten by next week. But art outlives this. We are very lucky to be involved in a craft that can freeze a moment. What happened to our country should never be forgotten.

We wanted something that outlasts us. Something that captured the sorrow, pain, brutality and loss on one side, and unity, bravery on the other side.

And for people of our country – we wanted to show the support; that it’s important to stand for your future and to have a freedom of choice and speech and to stand up for your rights, and not give up the fight! And that’s how Bob Marley came to our minds.

“Fahrenheit” is a cover of a Kish Mauve song, and you’ve also done Pharrell’s “Happy.” What do you look for in a song in deciding if you want to do a version of it?

We don’t try to find something in a song. We either like it and truly enjoy it or we don’t. And after listening to this song we understood that we want to cover it.

Do you feel that the cover songs you’ve done have had an impact on your own songwriting?

Of course! Everything you do (music wise ) develops you and creates your own style, piece by piece. You can’t write good songs if you didn’t try to change and appreciate great songs of others.

What made you use the name Bloom Twins?

Bloom is a state of flowering, growing, developing, state of vigour, freshness, radiance. It natural. It’s so innocent and beautiful. Besides, there is a Double “O” in the spelling of a word. So we’ve decided that this name is perfect for us.

Are there any particular ways that relocating to London influenced your music?

Back in Ukraine we always loved British music. Our parents are crazy about the Beatles. We were listening to all of their songs everyday. When we moved to London – we went deeper into learning and discovering British music. We are crazy about Radiohead, and there are times when we think that there is no one better than them.

Do you feel that you each have defined roles within the band, in terms of musical/vocal parts and/or songwriting? Or is it completely collaborative?

We write everything together. We all have different ideas/opinions, which is amazing. Because we create something, that all of us love.

What’s in the future for Bloom Twins? When can we expect more music? Do you have any plans to perform in America?

We can’t wait to go there! We can’t wait to play there and meet the American audience. We will first release couple more singles. And then an EP. We are taking baby steps forward.

The first single is on its way now. Aiming to share it with the world at the end of May.

For more info, visit the official Bloom Twins website.

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