Army of the Universe celebrate 10-Year Anniversary with remake of “RESIN”

Electronic/Rock band ARMY OF THE UNIVERSE, who we profiled in 2014, is celebrating 10 years as a band with a remake of their song “Resin” (originally included on their 2011 “Lovedead” EP.) The group was founded in Italy in 2008 by Electronic Dance producer Tebla and singer Lord K, with guitarist Dave Tavecchia joining in 2010. Their music brings together analog synth sounds,  heavy guitars and relentless dance beats. In an email interview, the Army of the Universe discussed the new version of  “Resin” and current status of the band.

How did this 10th-anniversary remake of “Resin” come about?

Resin has been the very first song we ever wrote. Like a firstborn. That’s why. We simply thought that a celebrative remake for our first decade anniversary was a cool idea. And it was actually fun to rework it. The original song (released in 2010 together with the Lovedead EP) had so many interesting elements. As a matter of fact, it represented pure experimentation in which Lord K and Trebla merged their influences into one single creation.

What were your goals/intentions when creating the “Resin” remake?

The song is about a future war fought between three parties: humans, robots and nature. This theme is still very actual and if you close your eyes while listening to the song you can envision this dark futuristic conflict, which will eventually happen for real. In terms of sound design we just had fun modernizing the original arrangement. We changed a few things, but the identity is still there.

Could you comment on the Mr. Kristopher remix that is also included on the EP?

Mr. Kristopher is a super-talented producer. He brought a special deep, dark vibe into his remix which makes it unique. A whole new style of dark-electro, visionary and that is Mr. Kristopher style.

How does it feel to have hit the 10-year mark as a band?

Crazy. We did not even know where we were gonna go back in 2008. In fact, after writing the first EP we couldn’t really tell were going to land in the industrial scene. Looking back that seems quite obvious. Trebla’s electronica plus Lord and Dave’s metal touch could have only taken the Army into the deep World of the neo-industrial subculture. It has been a journey. Time flies but we are still very enthusiastic of our music and we just want to keep innovating our sound, write more music and tour, tour and tour again.

Are there any particular ways that you feel your creative or working process has changed over the years?

Not really. We just mentioned innovation and that is our trademark. We think we have brought some modernity to the industrial sound if that is the genre we cover. Maybe not for the 100% purists but certainly interesting for the fans looking at the avant-garde. Of course, music changes too and it was interesting to collaborate with younger producers like Gosteffects and Mr.Kristopher too. They will certainly be on board for our next productions.

Are you currently at work on a new album? If so, what can we expect from it, and when do you think it will be out?

Yes, we are writing some new stuff. Probably a new EP and a special 10th Anniversary package will come in early 2019. Honestly, just like we did for Resin, we put our hands on all the songs originally contained Lovedead EP. A facelift kind of thing. Let’s see where this is going to lead us. We also have a few brand new songs under construction. The brainstorming process is totally activated, let’s see if it will bring us to an EP, an Album or some sort of more creative and modern non-non-standardised release. We’ll see how to wrap this up, but some very special contents and features are about to come, that’s for sure.

“Resin” is available on the Army of the Universe Bandcamp page:

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