YOU Can Be In A Video Game!

JanetMany games designed for the Playstation 2 EyeToy camera come across as gimmicky and lacking substance, but developers Harmonix have truly managed to tap into the device’s full potential. Last year saw the release of their game “AntiGrav,” which uses the camera to track body motions and control an on-screen hover boarder . Now comes Karaoke Revolution Party, which allows players to use the EyeToy to actually create 3D models of their heads. This isn’t just a case of the game displaying what the EyeToy sees; the program analyses front and side views and creates a fully animated and interactive video game head. These models can then be applied to on-screen karaoke singers and outfitted with new hairstyles, outfits and accessories. The process is a little tedious, but the results are pretty amazing (if a little freaky.) Click here to view more photos of my wife Janet and I appearing within the game.

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