Bands You Might Not Realize Still Exist: Real Life

This is a new feature focusing on bands who, as the titles says, you might not realize still exist. Sometimes we may cover bands who we feel should have given it up years ago, but generally we will feature groups who continue to make great music despite lacking the support of the mainstream music industry. Generally, these are bands who rose to fame on major labels but have since moved to indies (or started their own labels).

Real LifeTo kick things of, we are spotlighting Real Life, best known for their early 80’s synth pop hit “Send Me An Angel” (they also had success, particularly in the clubs, with such tracks as “Catch Me I’m Falling” and “God Tonight.”) Severe major record label woes prompted them to take the indie route with their past 2 albums, “HAPPY” (1997) and “IMPERFECTION” (2004). Musically, these albums combine the strong pop sensibility of classic Real Life with elements of modern electronic dance music.

We interviewed Real Life frontman David Sterry back when the group toured the US in support of “Happy” – click here to read it. We’ll be interviewing him again before too long, so feel free to email us question suggestions. For more info, but sure to visit the official Real Life website.

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