What were the Skinny Puppy songs used at Guantanamo Bay?

When I interviewed Ogre from Skinny Puppy last year, he talked about their music being used for torture at  Guantanamo Bay. After member cEvin Key brought it up in a recent Phoenix New Times interview, the subject has been getting a lot of attention. But which actual songs were used? Unfortunately, Ogre didn’t specify when we spoke, but searching led me to a Statement to the Guantánamo Testimonials Project by former guard Terry Holdbrooks mentioning Skinny Puppy.

“As it turned out, the soundtrack being played at a deafening volume was by the band Skinny Puppy. It bothered me greatly that they would use this music. Skinny Puppy was something that I always listened to growing up. I have memories of my life that I have assimilated to memories of the music of Skinny Puppy.  Skinny Puppy has been the soundtrack to my life! So to hear something that was so personal to be used as a form of torture, that really hit home. That made it something that I was no longer able to turn a blind eye to. I really focused on it and it really bothered me.”

On that page, Holdbrooks goes on to cite T.F.W.O. and Hexonxonx as two of the songs used. Further investigation led me to the site of his book, Traitor?, and contact info. Holdbrooks was kind enough to respond to an email and provide a full list of  Skinny Puppy songs used at Guantanamo Bay:

Heaven’s Trash
Tin Omen
Vx Gas Attack (“how cliche”)

For more info on Holdbrooks and his book Traitor? visit gtmobook.com.

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