A decade after their last release, Vancouver-based electronic band MOEV are finally back. While their new ep “Suffer” showcases an updated sound for the band, it still very much keeps to the style of classic MOEV. Fans of dark synth pop with a slightly aggressive edge will not be disappointed by the new cd.

The current MOEV line-up consists of:
Tom Ferris-keyboards, programming
Drew Maxwell- guitar, programming, vocals
Julie Ferris- vocals, lyrics
Kelly Cook- bass
Cal Stephenson- keyboards, programming, vocals

How did the reformation of Moev come about?

TOM FERRIS : After Dean died, I wanted a change of musical scenery so I started Econoline Crush. The vocalist basically took over the band, taking it down a road that was incredibly predictable and weak. After a few live shows, I realized I was trapped inside a cheesy Canadian rock show and I had to get out. It made me realize how much I missed the creativity and artsyness that has always been part of Moev. My wife Julie and I had been writing for years off and on, and slowly it began to sound more and more like Moev. Not just the sound, but the way we were approaching everything. Cal Stephenson (also an original member) and I, reunited out of our mutual hatred of Nettwerk, started writing together again and soon the songwriting started to intertwine. I found a band on the internet called Redshifted and thought they sounded how I had wanted Econoline Crush to sound. I contacted them and “them” turned out to be Drew Maxwell. We asked him to play guitar on the ep, and he flew up here from Charlotte, North Carolina for three days to record. A couple of months later, he moved to Washington State to be close enough to us to work on music.

What are your goals with the current incarnation of the band? For example, do you see it as a long-term, full-time venture, or an occasional thing?

TOM FERRIS : Absolutely full time .

What are the backgrounds of the new members?

TOM FERRIS : Julie used to write with Daryl Kromm of Strange Advance, and this was the demo she showed me when we first met. Drew was Redshifted, doing all the programming, vocals, guitar, bass and production himself.

Musical technology has evolved quite a bit over the past decade; what effect has this had on the way Moev works?

TOM FERRIS : It’s made us totally self-sufficient. I can’t ever see going into a studio again.

Did you have a definite idea of how you wanted the “Suffer” cd to sound, or did you just start writing/recording to see were it wold take you?

TOM FERRIS : Suffer was an experiment to see where our strengths and weaknesses were. The new full length record is sounding a bit more rounded because Drew and Cal are in it from the beginning.

What are some of the major changes you see in the music industry compared to when Moev started, and when the last Moev release came out?

TOM FERRIS : The internet is the biggest change because its given power back to the artists which is a great thing. On the downside, record companies are still signing vacuous crap and for the most part, still have no real vision of what is new and interesting.

When can we expect a new full-length album? Will you be touring at all?

TOM FERRIS : By the summer of 2000. We will tour if we find ourselves in the right situation.

Nettwerk was originally started up to release Moev’s music – are you currently involved with them at all?

TOM FERRIS : They are only interested in promoting elevator music.