Kristof Bathory of Dawn Of Ashes interviewed about “Scars Of The Broken”

Since 2001, Dawn of Ashes has been fusing metal with dark electronic music into a unique, constantly evolving sound. The latest Dawn of Ashes release, Scars of the Broken, represents one of the most emotionally difficult albums frontman Kristof Bathory has made. In an email interview, Bathory discussed the band and the new release.

I’ve read that Scars Of The Broken was a very personal and emotional album to write. Did you have a concept or goal going into it, or did things take shape as you started to create it?

Kristof: I feel that this was something I had to do. These emotions needed to be let out and it became a source of inspiration. 

The struggles that I was going through was dictating the writing of the album. 

How did the process of completing it impact you?

Kristof: It was rough. I’m not going to lie. 

Your last album, The Antinomian, received a lot of acclaim and saw Dawn Of Ashes move to Artoffact Records. Was there anything about that album, in particular, that may have impacted your approach to following it up?

Kristof: Not exactly. Scars of the Broken was an album that I felt like needed to be written for myself. Like I said, these emotions needed to come out. I honestly have no expectations with this album and just needed to do it. 

What effect did Covid-19 and the lack of touring have on Dawn of Ashes and the making of the new album? For example, did it lead you to spend more time on it than you would otherwise? Or alter your creative/recording process in other ways?

Kristof: Gave me more time to think about things. Not only in DOA but life in general. 

I did spend a lot of time learning new gear and utilizing new techniques into this new album.

Blending industrial/electronic and metal, your music seems that it could potentially work going further into either direction. How much conscious thought goes into the balance?

Kristof: I feel that all elements complement each other and work well together. This is the sound that DOA has matured into.

Dawn Of Ashes has been around for quite a long time at this point. Do you ever find inspiration in your music past? Perhaps realizing that you want to explore something further, or maybe something can be done better with current musical/productions tools?

Kristof: every album is a step towards something new and something potentially better. I feel very comfortable with our current sound now. 

Could you comment on the importance of the visual/theatrical side of Dawn Of Ashes?

Kristof: The visual side is equally as important as the music is. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to all aspects of DOA. We offer not only something dark in the music but also visually. 

Beyond the album release, are there any future plans that you’d like to mention? (touring, new videos, etc)

Kristof: New music video and touring for now. 

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