Book Review : The Remixer’s Bible

Tanya DonellyBringing together tips and interviews from Keyboard magazine, Francis Preve’s “The Remixer’s Bible” is a highly informative guide to electronic music production that should be of interest to pros and novices alike. Case studies are used extensively to provide real-world examples of various production techniques, and the explanations are always clear and easy to understand. The book covers a wide range of topics, including sound design, software, theory, and sampling legal issues. At 248 pages, the book is by no means comprehensive, but it presents a nice overview and many nuggets of useful information. While the art of remixing is what ties the book together, much of the material would also be of interest to those looking to learn more about digital recording/production in general. “The Remixers Bible” also includes a CD-Rom of demo software and sample session files from such artists as Coldcut and Meat Beat Manifesto.

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