Susan Ottaviano and Lauren Roselli discuss Book Of Love reunion

Interview with Lauren and Susan of Book of Love

How did the reformation come about? Did the “Best of” Book Of Love album come about before or after you decided to record new songs together?

Susan: Ted and I started working together again a couple of years ago. The project organically turned into the “Best of”. Ted had always wanted Book of Love to release a greatest hits type package. Howie Klein from Reprise was interested and the rest is history except for the fact that it took so long to come out!!

What have the Book of Love Members been up to since the band was last heard from?

Lauren: Ted has done a bunch of remixes -Hole- “Malibu”, Fleetwood Mac -“Landslide”, David Byrne -“Wicked Little Doll”, The Heads- “Damage” to name a few. He also has done some music for Fashion Shows and sound design. I have been working with the fashion designer Daryl K managing one of her stores. I also collaborated with a girl poet called “Two More Cherry” that Ted helped to write and produce.

Susan: I worked on several music projects that were never released. I have also been developing recipes and working as food stylist for print. Recently, Book of Love has become quite the full time job!

Did you feel that BOY was the obvious choice for a remix/first single from the album or were there other tracks you were considering?

LAUREN: “Boy” was definitely our first choice. It is the definitive Book of Love song. We felt that the temperature was right for it. We had a lot of good choices for remixers and thought we could put a good 12″ together. We want to thank Ted and Bill Coleman and for conceiving the project, I think they did a great job.

How did you approach the new material? Were you consciously trying to balance what you thought the fans expectations would be vs. not wanting to repeat yourselves?

Susan: Basically, we needed to get our “groove back” with a songwriting process we developed years ago. This process consists of collaging new sounds, melodies and ideas that excite us and that we are passionate about. I think Book of Love has always done our best work by presenting our own individual voice, and putting it out there for people to hear. We are excited about the new tracks and look forward to writing more in the future!

How have advances in musical technology affected the way you create and perform your music?

Lauren: It’s quicker to do things such as arranging and editing. We can have much better quality on the home studio level than we could before and we can burn the finished product. We still prefer to mix at a pro studio with access to additional effects and outboard.

In the past, had you ever felt constrained by the existing electronic musical instruments? Or were you happy with what you had at the time?

Lauren: Of course, there are always new modules that come out that you want to so that have the latest and the greatest type of sounds. We have always had a good selection of analog and digital stuff we own as well as samplers, so we can make or create just about any kind of sound we want. Sometimes, it’s more about having the right production tools and effects that hold us back.

What are your feelings on the reaction so far to your return?

Lauren: We are pleased and pleasantly surprised how loyal our fan base is after all these years.

Of your older material, are there any particular songs that your feelings have changed about? Such as songs you didn’t think were so strong back then that you see in a new light now, or songs that you feel could have been done better?

Lauren: Well, I think for all of us we feel our second album, “Lullaby” could have been stronger as a whole. We kind of wanted to be slick or something, and I think that held us back.

Susan: I think Sea of Tranquillity is my worst song ever!

Lauren: Our third album, “Candy Carol,” we have always felt strong about, yet the general public didn’t get it. “Candy Carol” was a real attempt for us to make and write songs in the original way we started. The problem was that music was becoming more guitar oriented and our album did not fit with that trend.

Susan: It was the year of grunge!

Lauren: We have always loved “Happy Day,” from our first album, and “It’s In Your Eyes,” was written at the time of the first album but never recorded. We needed to do it, finally.

What can we expect from the tour?

Lauren: Lots of classic BOL and some surprises. We are in the process of bringing some of the old gals out right as you read this.

Susan: And some songs too! (Only kidding)!

What are your future plans after that?

Susan: We have live shows to play over the next month and a half. Then, I would really like to get back to writing and create some new Book of Love. We’re excited and we’re ready!

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