Auktyon (Recommended by Alina Simone)

Auktyon“Recommended by…” is a new column where we ask bands, musicians and DJs to recommended someone THEY feel the world should know about. In this edition, Alina Simone tells about Russian band Auktyon. If you’d like to contribute for future inclusion, please email us a paragraph or so about who you’re recommending, as well as some info about yourself. Be sure to include weblinks!

If there is one band that everyone needs to see, hear, taste and experience, it is legendary Russian rockers Auktyon. They just finished a short US tour this spring and have another planned for fall of 2006 — their live show is unmissable so don’t miss it! Auktyon is a six piece band, driven by two very disparate personalities. Musically, vocalist and guitarist Lenya Fedorov is the group’s anchor. But spiritually, Auktyon is led by Garkusha, a bizarre, clownlike man-child who contributes hand percussion and an occassional yelp. Horns blazing, the group blares through klezmer inflected numbers, with gypsy flourishes and washes of feedback that wouldn’t seem out of place on a Radiohead album. To date, my favorite Auktyon album is ‘Ptica’ and the title track alone made me an instant fan when I heard it in the background at a cafe in St. Petersburg.

As for me, I am a solo, singer girl who accompanies herself on electric guitar. I tend toward the grittier edges of indie rock. I am a big fan of passion and emotion in music. My songs tend to tell stories about places, rather than relationships, that didn’t work out; about moving on (and on). – Alina Simone

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