An interview with FREEZEPOP


Fully embracing synth pop but giving it a modern edge, Freezepop creates some of the most addictively catchy electronic music out there. Their music has a strong sense of fun, with cleverly humorous lyrics and bouncy synth lines. While their sound is bound to appeal to New Wave fans, it must be noted that Freezepop is NOT a retro band. They are influenced by music that came out in the 80s, but are very much building upon the past rather than attempting to recreate it.

Hailing from Boston, MA, the group is comprised of Liz Enthusiasm (vocalist), the Duke of Pannekoeken (producer/vocalist/programmer), and Sean Drinkwater (synthesizers/programmer/vocalist). Freezepop’s music has been featured in several video games, including ‘FreQuency’, ‘Dance Dance Revolution ULTRAMIX 3’ and ‘Guitar Hero’ 1 & 2. Having self-released for many years, they’ve just put out their first CD on a label, “Future Future Future Perfect” (Cordless). In an email interview, Liz and The Duke discussed their creative process, video games, their decision to go with a record label, and more.

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